My process is a little different for every company, but generating results brings the same satisfaction.
Companies are too often seduced by one marketing tactic or another. Maybe it’s social media or pay-per-click or something else. The problem is, unless you first understand your situation, sinking funds into any of these is a tactical gamble at best.
What makes Keith so different from many other consultants is that he understands the importance of integrating processes with the marketing initiatives he recommends for his clients.

Alicia Butler Pierre
My proprietary RevenueInsightsm process takes a comprehensive look at your company, studying your marketing strategy and tactics, your sales process, customer experiences and related technology.
This holistic approach uncovers internal and external barriers to growth, and reveals opportunities for improvement. Once we understand the issues, we can address them. I identify the work that needs to be done and then execute the plan.
Once your marketing efforts are aligned with your sales processes and goals, and with customers’ buying processes, your pipeline will flow with leads that generate revenue.
With more than 20 years of business-to-business marketing experience (including work in more than 25 countries in Europe and Asia), you get the experience of a well-tenured B2B marketer.
He looks beyond the obvious in understanding the client’s sales and marketing challenges and opportunities

Jason Purshouse
Artifact Advertising


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