Are you a marketing agency?
Not really. Marketing agencies focus on communications (websites, social media, events, etc.), I’m more like a VP of Marketing, whose goal is to optimize all potential elements of revenue generation, including target markets, lead management, the value propostion, and marketing technology. I direct and manage external resources like agencies as needed, but my duty is to my client.
How long does an engagement last?
It depends on the specific needs of the client. Generally speaking, I typically work with clients for around 8-12 months, and maybe more depending on their unique circumstances, company goals and other factors. Clients can step back with 30 days notice. No questions asked.
Do you work at the company’s location?
I spend time onsite, especially during the first 4-6 weeks of the engagement when I’m gathering information and “connecting the dots.” Once I understand the situation and have a plan in place, I’m usually onsite once a week, and updating you by phone and email throughout the month.
You sound expensive.
I’m less than hiring a full-time employee, but you’re getting comparable results with better value.


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